My Snap-On Smile Experience

I was very excited when Dr. Jain asked me try out the new Snap-on Smile product.  She knew I had some concerns about the yellowish colour of my teeth and the rotations I had in the front, so this option seemed to be perfect choice for me.

I received my new “smile” one month ago and couldn’t wait to share my experience with everybody who is interested in Snap-On Smile.  First of all it is a piece of art: very thin but strong plastic shells combined in one row for my full upper teeth, very white and straight.  That’s exactly what I wanted.  I just love how it looks and feels.  I always wanted to have nice white and straight teeth without doing any major treatment.

At my first appointment I had impressions and photos taken of my teeth. Dr. Jain and I chose a new shade and shape for my teeth and that was it.  After about 3 weeks my new “smile” arrived and I just couldn’t wait to see myself in the mirror.  At the delivery appointment, I went through some speech-testing and bite checks.  Dr. Jain adjusted the Snap-On Smile slightly so that I could speak and eat comfortably. Now it is very comfortable to wear even to the point that I forget I have anything in my mouth.  I can also eat and drink normally with it and finally the most important:  I got my white and straight teeth with no drilling, no anesthetic, and in only two quick visits.

I would recommend Snap-On Smile as a very convenient, non-invasive and inexpensive choice to improve your smile as I did.  Minor teeth rotations, discoloured teeth, and even missing teeth — Snap-On Smile can fix all of it in one shot.

Please visit our Smile Gallery to see my Snap-On Smile before and after photos.

For questions about my experience, please send me an email to my attention (Mila) and I will tell you all about it.



  1. Hey, can you recommend me some home teeth whitening kits?

  2. Dr. Lakshmi Jain says

    Hi Gregg,

    We do not recommend over the counter whitening products (i.e. Whitestrips) because they usually do not provide adequate results. However, if you are whitening for the first time, these products are a good way to start, especially if you are just looking for a touch up.

    For better results, we recommend home kits that require custom made bleaching trays. The kit we recommend the most is NiteWhite by Discus Dental. Although it is made to use overnight, our patients use it during the day because it causes less sensitivity than the DayWhite product with the same results.

  3. Hey there I live in downtown Toronto so your office is very convenient for me. pertaining to these Snap on smiles, how much do they cost? I’m a student and don’t have a big budget to work with, do you have any installment plans as well? Just curious.

  4. Dr. Lakshmi Jain says

    Hi James. We would love to invite you to our office for a free consultation to discuss Snap-On Smile. We can review the procedure, cost, and treatment options. Give us a call at 416.538.3384 or book an appointment online.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Lakshmi Jain

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