It’s back to school…say cheese!

Toronto-Dentist-Cherry-Blossom-Dentistry-CheeseAs we parents prepare for this week’s back to school chaos, one thought that frequently enters my mind is what to pack for my daughter’s lunch.  But then my second thought is, how can she clean her teeth afterwards?  As a kindergarten student, I can not expect her to brush everyday after lunch time.  The best solution is CHEESE!

When we eat a meal, the sugars in the food trigger bacteria to make acid in the mouth.  This acid is responsible for the breakdown of enamel that leads to cavities.  Cheese, particularly a yellow one like cheddar, neutralizes the acid and increases saliva which also brings down acids.  The U.S. Academy of General Dentistry also found that cheese contains chemical compounds that form a protective layer on the teeth that further protects enamel against acid attack.

So to our moms and dads, give your child a piece of cheese in their lunch bags and you will be helping them prevent cavities.

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