Digital X-Rays, Tablet Check-In, TV’s

photo 4Cherry Blossom Dentistry has recently undergone several exciting new upgrades in the last three months.  One of the most important has been introducing digital imaging in place of conventional x-rays with film.  The benefits include a minimum 60% reduction of radiation exposure per film for the patient as well as reduced chemical waste from the processing of film.  Along with this, the entire office has converted to a paperless system, allowing all patient records and treatment to be recorded digitally.

Patients will also enjoy convenient check-in when they arrive with our brand new tablet.  Patients will be able to update personal information, medical and dental history and insurance information with this handy device.  They will also have the option to select automated email confirmations and reminders for appointments, rather than a phone call.  With an easy click in your email, we will know that you are confirmed for your visit.

Lastly, our treatment rooms have new televisions for both patient entertainment during treatment as well as treatment discussion.  I can project x-rays and photos onto the TV to help explain clinical concerns and recommended therapies.  This helps to keep you informed and involved.

We are all excited about these new changes and we are anxious to share them with all of our patients.

                      Dr. Lakshmi Jain


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