A Fun Way to Learn about Teeth

Open WideIf teeth were students, what would their school day be like?  In Open Wide: Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller, 32 teeth learn about brushing and flossing, have a food fight, and get a visit from the tooth fairy.  Your youngster will have fun learning about their teeth, how to keep them healthy, and how their Dentist can help.

Reading about teeth and how to take care of them is very helpful, especially for a child who has never been to the dentist.  The more they know ahead of time, the more excited they will be for their first visit.

My recommendation is to bring your child for a check-up as early as when the first tooth appears, and the latest by the age of 2.  This sets up your child to have a positive view on dental care and something that is completely normal and part of their health.

Have fun reading and learning about your teeth with your little ones.  We look forward to seeing them in our office.

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