Easy Tips to Help Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

toronto-dentist-cherry-blossom-dentistry-slider1-baby-boyAt Cherry Blossom Dentistry we welcome and treat families
with children of all ages and encourage parents to become
involved in their children’s dental health. The dental health
of a child is a key factor affecting general health and well-
being. Keeping your child’s mouth healthy and cavity free
starts from birth.

Here are some guidelines that you can apply at home with
your kids.

For infants and toddlers:

  • Wipe down baby’s gums and first teeth with a face cloth
    and water after each feeding.
  • By the age of 8-12 months, you can give them a brush
    to bite on and play with to start to introduce brushing.
  • With toddlers, encourage and help them with brushing
    using a fluoride-free toothpaste twice a day, once after
    breakfast and once before bed. This will help prevent
    cavities from developing.
  • For flossing, you can use floss aids with floss made for
    kids. Children’s teeth can be flossed as soon as two
    adjacent teeth touch each other.
  • Your child’s first dental visit for a check up should be once the first tooth is in. We will review home care with you and introduce ourselves to your child with a quick stress-free visit.
  • Children two years of age and older, that can rinse and spit successfully should always use a fluoride toothpaste, but limit it to a pea size drop in case some is swallowed.

As your babies grow up:

  • Parents and caregivers should help or watch over their kids’ tooth brushing abilities until they’re at least 8-years-old.
  • Twice daily brushing for 2 minutes and daily flossing should become routine. We encourage using 2-minute timers to help our young patients be successful.
  • Kids should use a soft toothbrush that is sized for their age to reach all areas of their mouth.
  • Remember to replace toothbrushes every three-four months or sooner if the bristles are worn out, or if your child has been sick.
  • It’s very important to visit your dentist regularly. A check up once a year and cleaning every 6 months is important for good oral health as small problems can be detected before they become bigger and painful. Prevention is key!

For all ages:

  • Avoid a diet high in natural or added sugars which may place your child at extra risk for tooth decay
  • Sticky food’s, like raisins and other dried fruit and candy are not easily washed away from your kid’s teeth so they have more cavity-causing potential. Reserve these treats for when kids can brush soon after.
  • A piece of hard cheese, such as cheddar, is the perfect snack for school lunches. It cuts cavity-causing acids produced after meals to protect teeth when brushing isn’t convenient.
  • Be a good example to your child. Good oral hygiene practices and routine dental visits with the whole family will keep everyone smiling.

For more information or to come in and take a tour of our office and visit our Kids Corner, please contact us at (416) 538-3384 or We look forward to adding your child to our Cavity Free Club.

(Published in The Neighbours of High Park Magazine, October 2015 issue)

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